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We believe this to be true in each case

Uncompromised attention to detail, Design and construction in our organization is the key to every interior job, We are 100% commited to customer satisfaction and experience.

Gypsum Works

We can provide that luxurious look that your office or home needs, not every space is the same you may see or like a gypsum fascia style that is installed somewhere else, that doesn’t mean it will be in accord or fit your space, many clients after installing one thing or another in their spaces call me to see if it can be fix or change without losing what they have already spend, many times it can be done easily, but there are cases where it’s nearly impossible to do so, and the client gets stuck with a fascia, wall or ceiling design, because either they can afford to change it or simply because the experience they whent thru while having the work done, too much dust etc.
We provide drawings and perspective 3D views of how every area it’s going to look like, once accepted will proceed with installation, the first step of any occupied place of business or residential place is to cover or seal with plastic the working area so that the majority of the dust particles are contained within.

Steps to follow for any occupied place of business or residential place for a fast and productive job

  1. Client should move everything that is going to be in the place in which we will be working, if the client can’t do it, WE CAN/.
  2. Place floor covering in areas of busy travel where material or tools will be transported for protection.
  3. Cover or seal with plastic the working area so that the majority of the dust particles are contained within.
  4. Stud framing.
  5. Electrical work and verification if any.
  6. Gypsum installation.
  7. Taping.
  8. Painting if included and cleaning.

Illumination or Lighting

Here in Puerto Rico we have a mayor problem when it comes to our monthly electric bill, It is very high, in fact the fourth highest in the United States.
You can read about it here The 10 states with the highest electricity prices
That’s why everyone has been and will continue switching to led lighting light-emitting diode Its low consumption is remarkable Take a look at this chart.
Aside from good looks and different styles they bring, installing led lighting in your place of business or residence will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and lower electric bills.


Laminated Flooring,

Beautiful, smarter and better types of flooring materials in the market here in Puerto Rico gives us an advantage, Laminate flooring or Floating floors offers great looks at affordable prices, These floors arrived in the island in or around the year 1999 and still here, is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together with a lamination process, you can look it up Here.

Ceramic Tiles,

Ceramic tiles are a popular choice of flooring due to their aesthetic appeal, as well as their durability and easy care. A properly installed ceramic tile floor will outperform and outlast nearly any other floor covering product created for the same application. Glazed ceramic tile resists stains, odors and dirt and can be cleaned with a damp mop or common household cleaners.

Resilient Flooring,

There are many types of vinyl tile; Vinyl Tile or VT, Vinyl Composition Tile or reinforced vinyl tile also referred to as VCT, LVT or luxury vinyl tile or LVT, and solid vinyl tile or SVT. All are classified as resilient flooring as are cork, linoleum, and rubber.
VT is a homogeneous (otherwise referred to as solid) material tile. One distinguishing feature is that if you break a tile in half you will see that the color is consistent throughout the material.


This colorful stone gives rooms a luxe look.
Real marble tiles have a beautiful, unique look like no other surface, with all their whirling patterns and shade variations.
But the same patterns that make marble beautiful can be a real headache to match from tile to tile.
To ensure patterns match, the Marble Institute of America recommends having your contractor lay out the tiles over the entire surface before installing so you can approve the result.
All your tiles should come from the same original batch.
Since marble could break during installation and later, it is recommended to buy a few extra boxes of marble tiles. Tiles that are bought separately at a later time could look out of place and will definitely be more expensive to buy.


Granite is an igneous rock formed from volcanic activity. Granite tile remains a popular flooring choice because of its overall resiliency, strength, and number of unique color options. Our premium surface granite tile selection offers over 50 color patterns. We have the perfect granite tile for every flooring project, whether it is for residential or commercial use.

Concrete Flooring

Concrete is a stylish, durable choice for indoor floors It's not just for sidewalks; concrete is a stylish choice for indoor floors. Its surface can be finished in various ways—with colors, stains, and aggregates—and given a textured surface or buffed until glassy. Concrete floors are extremely durable and easy to clean, and they resist water when properly sealed. Concrete works well with radiant heating, and the surface absorbs heat to cut energy bills.

Color Options
Choose a range of colors applied to concrete in various methods.

  • Integral color is added to concrete during the mixing process.
  • Stains produce a translucent finish with a one-of-a-kind look.
  • Dyes, often mixed onsite, lend more vibrant shades.
  • Colored hardeners are added to fresh concrete for surface-level color.
  • Paint can also be applied to concrete.

If you want to see how it's Installed and or want to do it yourself click on this link
Johnsonite online tool, design your floor
Armstrong online tool, design your floor

Windows & Doors

AICS.Inc. considers this area to be one of great detail, doors & windows are part of the finishing work, besides been expensive this is an area of great detail, because of noise, strength, color, glass color, material, etc.
If you like to save some money using the default or regular sizes made by the various manufacturers, then you will first find all regular sizes and stock availability provided by the window or door manufacturer of your choosing, Then have to openings made specially for the regular sizes readily available, remember that not all manufacturers have the same size windows and or doors.

Some manufacturers here in the island

Air Master
Windows and Doors Design

If you find that their installation price is to high give us a call

People have ask me, why you write about this. “You’re letting everyone know how to achieve what is wanted, they won’t need you now."
“Well I think a good informed client understands the value of good work and business, but most of all really, I ‘m concern with many out there calling themselves contractors and misleading, mistreating and even stealing from customers, while at the same time ruining it for many of us”.



We are experienced experts in house and commercial painting, providing both interior & exterior painting at competitive prices.
We understand that selecting the right painting company can be challenging.
Whether you are looking for commercial or residential painting services, our attention to detail and professionalism that will ensure that your job is completed to your satisfaction without the hassles commonly experienced when dealing with an ordinary painting contractor.

Step by Step Process

  1. Once you have selected your colors, we will gladly offer input with regard to the finish and type of paint that should be used.
  2. We ask that you remove all pictures and wall hangings from the walls before we begin. We also ask that all other precious and breakable items be removed from the room before we commence work. If you are unable to do this we will make arrangements with you to secure your items.
  3. Move all furniture into the center of the room, cover it with plastic and flooring will be covered with drop cloths.
  4. Ask if you want electrical face plates to be remove.
  5. Scrape and sand the areas to be painted.
  6. Caulk and putty holes and cracks.
  7. Evaluate any areas that may require some repairs and consult with you. We can provide an estimate to have these repairs made.
  8. Any doors that have been painted should be left open or ajar for approximately 4 hours to dry.
  9. Apply the finish coat to all trim work.
  10. Final inspection and make any necessary touch-ups.
  11. A walk through will be conducted with you to ensure your total satisfaction.
We understand how important your house or office is to you!
Your satisfaction is so important to us, that we don’t consider the job complete until you say it’s complete.
We look forward to providing you with a written estimate.

Paint & Coatings Suppliers
BEHR, Can be found at any Home Depot
Benjamin Moore
Sherwin Williams



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